Dave Chick

Hatched Productions

Composing | Sound Design | Producing |Recording | Mixing | Mastering 

Audio for Film

  • Audio in film and video serves to support and enhance what unfolds onscreen

  • A strong soundtrack will reinforce and connect with emotional intent … without drawing attention to itself.

My work in scoring for different media has always brought me great satisfaction – I sincerely enjoy it. I’ve worked with a variety of directors, producers and editors – each with their own styles and personalities – and I continue to be motivated and excited about this “job”.

Scoring music to media is a different discipline from writing music as a “stand-alone” art. There are technical and artistic boundaries that come into play – music serves a predominantly supporting roll to the visuals.

Producing & Arranging

  • From its kernel, a song can evolve into an infinite number of realizations

  • A great song is well crafted and combines elements that both satisfy and surprise the listener.

I love being able to “muck” around with a song: take it apart, change things out, re-arrange, re-record, put it all back together and mix it.

I’ve collaborated on songs with artists and also been given carte-blanche to “re-mix” songs on my own. I find both methods to be extremely satisfying. I’ve started with stripped down vocal / single instrument “demos” as well as finished, fully mixed tracks…

… there’s always room to realize something new and different!

Audio Engineering

  • Recorded audio is a ubiquitous element in everyday life and can be produced virtually everywhere.

  • The goal of capturing, mixing and finalizing audio is to translate and enhance an experience for the listener.

I truly enjoy mixing audio. I bring my years of musicality and attention to detail to combine all the individual elements of sound into a track that will demand to be heard over and over again.

My studio is a comfortable and casual environment suitable for editing, pre-production, overdub recording, vocal recording, and MIDI work.

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